Individual Services

* Before signing up make sure you have scheduled your 15 minute free intro consult

Initial consultation

Who this is for: Individuals who are looking for optimizing

What to expect: 

What to expect:
-2 hour consultation
-Discussion of your health goals and desires
-Review of medical history
-Family medical history
-Discussion of drug/nutrient interactions (based on medication and herbal information submitted)
-Discussion of lab findings
-Nutrition focused physical exam
-Initial action plan with recipes

*In person services are currently only offered in Maryland and Virginia , and within a 1 hour radius of Rockville, MD

*In person sessions will include an additional charge of $2/ minute of travel time 

Follow-up vist via phone or video conferance

What to expect: 

-Phased action steps and guidance on meeting goals
-Discussion of recent lab findings
-Updated action plan with recipes
-If suggested, supplement recommendations and purchase options

Lab analysis and/or Drug-Herb-Nutrient Interactions report

-Research of potential interactions between medications, nutrients, and herbs in order to identify nutritional support needs, or further questions to ask your provider (example: how are your liver function lab markers?)
-Fee adjusted according to time spent analyzing findings and preparing report. Hourly fee for research and report writing is $60/hr

*In person sessions will include an additional charge of $2/ minute of travel time 

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* All purchases are final and not refundable. 


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