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Nutritional Genomics

Discover what your genetic make-up reveals about you: 

-what makes you unique, 

-health related areas to monitor

-strategies for optimizing health

-simple diet and lifestyle changes that will support your overall health and wellness goals

Private consultation package

One on One sessions all with the focus of optimization.

What goals do you wish to achieve?

-Reversal of cognitive decline

-Lower inflammation

-Support a chronic health condition

Group seminars

Learn about a nutrition topic of your groups choosing or work as a group towards a health goal . Sessions may be conducted at group members homes or at a local community center for an additional charge

Online offerings

For greater time flexibility we offer online health & wellness programs. These are available for individuals and groups, with the added benefit of time flexibility.

-upcoming program: Dietary and lifestyle supports for brain and cognitive health

Single items

Single nutrition visit

First visit, plan design for individualized nutrition

30 minute follow-up visit

Add on's

1 day diet plan (includes recipes & grocery list)

1 week diet plan (includes recipes & grocery list)