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Nutritional Genomics

Discover what your genetic make-up reveals about you: 

-What is your optimal diet?


-Which exercise types provide maximum benefit, and are you giving your self enough recovery time? 

-Why targeted weight loss strategies​ make a difference for you?

-Are there specific nutrients or foods your body needs more or less of?

-Which areas might need extra support or monitoring?

*There are two options for this analysis

-you provide a raw DNA file from ancestry, 23andme, or which is then uploaded into a platform for analysis

-I send you a testing kit from 3x4  Genetics

Group seminars

Learn about a nutrition topic of your groups choosing or work as a group towards a health goal . Sessions are conducted via Zoom (After COVID19 sessions may take place at a group members home)

Other functional lab tests performed

functional testing provides a greater depth of information than standard blood and urine testing. Examples of functional tests and information obtained:

Dried and 24 hour urine hormone testing:

  • Reveals your bodies tendencies towards the production of 4-OH estrone, which is mutagenic and associated with breast cancer

  • Evaluates testosterone levels, and if your testosterone is being converted into estrogen

  • Provides information about your melatonin production. This hormone most associate with sleep naturally decreases with age. The catch is, it serves at least two additional purposes- neuroprotective and anti-inflammatant

Comprehensive Stool analysis:

  • A good starting point if there is a history of IBS or other digestive ailments

  • Reveals:

    • basic GI microbiome ​health

    • The bodies ability to fully digest foods consumed- symptoms associated with incomplete digestion include- bloating, gas, flatulence, feeling of fullness, exhaustion after eating, diarrhea and/or constipation 

    • Inflammation within the GI tract

Organic acid test

  • A good second step in the understanding of ones health. this urine test is especially helpful when there is a history of low energy, difficulty with focus or attention, or mood swings

  • Results provide a functional evaluation of your bodies ability to biochemically:

    • (think back to 9th grade biology--cellular respiration and ATP)- Process and breakdown macronutrients

    • Process neurotransmitters

  • Reveals challenges with yeast overgrowth or inflammation due to microbial organisms and their metabolites

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