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For 14 years as a secondary school teacher, my beliefs were rooted in providing students an opportunity for academic growth and development. After the first year of adding nutrition and physiology to my biology classes, I realized the power this knowledge can provide.


One of my students’ mother had MS, we discussed the Wahls protocol, the human clinical trial findings, and how one might implement this protocol. From there, this 14 year old kid bought Dr. Wahls audiobook, listened with his mother, and started to plan and prepare her meals. After two weeks, the student’s mother emailed me saying how much of a positive impact this new diet created in her life, and that she had shared the results and program information with her MS doctor.


This experience showed me how much nutritional knowledge can impact a family’s wellbeing. Furthermore, it catapulted me into wanting to share this information with others. I wanted to transition into a field that provided an opportunity to empower a larger community towards improved health and wellness. This experience inspired me to become a nutritionist.


As your nutritionist, I want to create a space of empowerment through knowledge that will help you discover an  improved health. We all have challenges. I strongly feel knowledge will help us address these challenges and find ways to lower risks for conditions that run in your family. The ability to provide these empowering pieces of information comes from an expectation that, I and other members of your NutrGen team, understand your individual needs and how to best support them.

Founding Beliefs:

Everyone can achieve greater health & wellness through knowledge of their individual needs, strengths, and tendencies



Empower others to achieve optimal health and lifelong wellness through a targeted assessment of individual needs

Eva El-Khatib


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