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Chicken Schnitzel salad (serves 1)

4 oz chicken breast fillet

gluten free Panko (about 1/3 C)

pinch celtic sea salt (to taste)

1/8- ¼ tsp Hungarian hot paprika (to taste)

2C mixed field greens or Super greens

½ Sunchoke (aka Jerusalem artichoke) peeled and sliced thin

½ C blueberries

1-2 pieces of pickled, in olive oil, artichoke

6 olives

Dressing: olive oil + Bragg liquid aminos + red pepper flakes

Chicken instructions:

-Filet each ½ chicken breast, so that a single package of chicken breast produces 4 fillets

-Dab each dry

-In a bowl mix the panko, salt, and paprika

-On a plate sprinkle the panko mix. Press chicken into panko mix, flip and repeat until fully coated

-Fry each breast at medium heat in blend of coconut oil + ghee- until caramel brown and cooked through

- Allow to cool for about 5 minutes then slice

-In center of a large plate place greens. Along edges have the blueberries, olives, and sunchokes. To greens with sliced schnitzel and dressing

*Salad lasts in refrigerator for about 48 hours- add dressing when serving

Products used

*I do not receive discounts, rewards, or payments from these companies. Simply share the brands I use

Bragg Liquid aminos

Ian's Gluten free original panko





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